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Nominations Sought for NHTM Board

07 Oct 2014 11:13 AM | Deleted user
Each year NHTM Officers and Members of the Council complete their terms and elections need to be held. We are having a call for nominations for President-Elect, the office of Treasurer, and Council members including Elementary Level representative and the NCTM representative. Information about the candidates and a ballot will be sent out via email to current members in January.
Please consider nominating a member, in good standing, who is interested in a mathematics leadership role or self-nominate by contacting Greg Superchi, NHTM Past-President, at gsuperchi@yahoo.com. For more information, read through our Constitution (www.nhmathteachers.org) about the responsibilities for the offices. The election will take place electronically this year with members receiving instructions via email just before our annual business meeting in the spring on how to vote.
The President-Elect is elected for a four year term (total) and works closely with the president for the first year including helping to conduct the annual election.  For the next two years, this individual serves as President.  In the fourth year, s/he serves as the Past-President working closely with the new president including helping there to be a smooth transition.
The Treasurer is elected to a two-year term and gives a quarterly report to the Executive Board and at the annual business meeting of NHTM. In addition, s/he is responsible for deposits, paying bills, and keeping records of all financial transactions.
The Elementary Representative serves a three-year term. S/he attends all Executive Board meetings; prepares/secures articles for the NHTM newsletter as directed by the Executive Board of NHTM and assume other duties that may be assigned by the Executive Board of NHTM.
The NCTM Representative holds a three-year term and represents NHTM at the annual delegate assembly of NCTM, report on these meetings and other NCTM information to the Executive Board of NHTM, and assume other duties as may be required by the Board of Directors of ATMNE or assigned by the Executive Board of NHTM. 

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