Richard C. Evans Distinguished Mathematics Educator Award

At the March 2007 New Hampshire Teachers of mathematics Annual Conference, the Richard C. Evans Distinguished Mathematics Educator Award was announced to honor and thank Dr. Evans for his years of service in mathematics education. The intent of this award is to highlight creativity and innovation in the teaching of mathematics to all students. The recipient of this award will represent Dr. Evans' philosophy, passion and knowledge of mathematics education. Dr. Evans has indicated that he would like to be involved in the selection process and awarding the honor at the annual spring conference. The award is presented annually at the spring conference. Nominees are being sought for this year.


Qualifications for the Award

 The recipient will:

  • Be an experienced teacher or someone who works actively with teachers or students with 5 or more years’ experience teaching mathematics at any level (Pre-K to 16).
  • Be enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and passionate as a person, teacher, and leader reflecting the character traits as demonstrated by Dr. Evans.
  • Demonstrate thinking and reasoning abilities that use models to make mathematics meaningful to students.
  • Portray a dedication and organized focus for his/her teaching inside and outside the classroom.
  • Actively demonstrate an unsurpassed passion for mathematical process to include problem-solving, reasoning, proof, communication, connections and representations.
  • Apply knowledge of standards- and researched-based instructional and assessment strategies in his/her classroom with a true commitment that all children can learn mathematics
  • Offer collegiality to fellow mathematics educators through sharing of information, serving as a mentor, offering professional development support, engaging in professional learning communities, serving on school, district or state professional groups, or through other opportunities to enhance the culture and climate of an educational community.
  • Be involved with the mathematics educational community through membership and participation in district, regional, state, or national mathematics organizations. His/her involvement has led to significant impact on the mathematics education of students, fellow teachers, administration, parents, or other community members.

 More specific information is provided in the links below:


 Completed Nomination Form is due by December 15, 2018 and should be sent to:

  Lesley Fallu

  NHTM Secondary Representative


 Completed Nomination Packets are due no later than January 15, 2019.


  If you have questions, you may contact Lesley Fallu at


Past recipients:

2008 Greg Superchi, Lisbon Regional High School, Lisbon

2009 Stephanie Wheeler, Henry Wilson School, Manchester

2010 Greta Mills, Hanover High School

2011 Dr. Beverly Ferrucci, Keene State College

2012 Christine Downing, Newport School District

2013 Lisa Gingras, Nashua High School South

2014 Lynn Tassi, Mountain View Middle School, Goffstown

2015 No Award Given

2016 No Award Given

2017 Richard C. Evans Distinguished Mathematics Educator Award Presentation

Good afternoon.  Stephanie Wheeler was scheduled to present this award.  Unfortunately, she had to take leave for a family obligation so I am here to present the Richard C. Evans Distinguished Mathematics Educator Award.  At the March 2007, New Hampshire Teachers of mathematics Annual Conference, the Richard C. Evans Distinguished Mathematics Educator Award was announced to honor Dr. Evans for his years of service in mathematics education.  The intent of the award is to highlight passion, creativity, and innovation in the teaching of mathematics to all students. The recipient of this award will represent Dr. Evans philosophy, passion, and knowledge of mathematics education.


Today's award recipient will receive $500, a plaque, a one year membership to NHTM, become an honorary board member for one year, be invited to present at the spring conference, invited to contribute articles for the quarterly newsletter, and will be encouraged to offer professional development opportunities for mathematics educators with the support of NHTM.


The recipient of this year’s Evans award had numerous recommendations and accolades from peers, parents of students, and supervisory personnel.  In a letter written by a parent and colleague, our awardee is described as an “inspiring teacher who changed the way my daughters viewed math. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and passionate about her subject matter and challenges the students in a way that inspires them to achieve greatness. She realizes the importance of young girls succeeding in this area, a subject that many young girls would shy away from. I truly believe it is because of her, that my daughters have the math prowess they have today, and they were able to go on and take challenging courses at the high school and college level. I am truly grateful that she was able to touch my daughters’ lives in a positive way. Not only did she instill a love of math in them, but she inspired them to think critically and problem solve, two skills that will serve them well.”


The Assistant Superintendent in our awardee’s district wrote, “The evidence of (her) impact on the mathematics program in our district is very apparent when I visit classrooms during math instructional time. I see teachers who are more knowledgeable, more skillful, and more confident in teaching Mathematics. I see the children engaged in activities that support the mathematical practices. I see them interacting and having conversations with their peers. I see them using technology to learn and practice skills and concepts. Much of this can all be attributed to (her) commitment and passion to improve the mathematical education that we offer the children of Merrimack Valley.”

One of the Principal’s in our awardee’s district shared that she “is an excellent teacher and a strong leader, but above and beyond that, she is a caring, compassionate person who truly cares about the students, parents, and teachers in the Merrimack Valley School District. In both her professional and personal life, (she) emulates the qualities that define Dr. Evans and his work in mathematics education in New Hampshire. (She) is dedicated to working collaboratively with colleagues to make a positive impact on mathematics instruction to support student understanding and success.”

This year’s Evans award recipient graduated from Keene State University with Bachelors of Science in Both Elementary Education and Middle School Education and from Plymouth State University with a Master’s in Elementary Mathematics Education.  She has worked in the Merrimack Valley School District since 1997 as a middle school math teacher and is currently the district’s Math Specialist.  In addition, she has consulted for McDougal’s MathThematics Program, and has presented at several NHTM and ATMNE events.  It is my honor to present the 2017 Richard C. Evans Distinguished Mathematics Educator Award to my friend and colleague Jess Jacques.    We also want to wish her daughter Emily a ‘Happy Birthday’ who is here to share in her mother’s award.


Read by Cecile Carlton, NHTM Past-President


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