Presentation materials  for NHTM's 2014 Annual Conference, that were shared with us, are listed below by the speakers last name. Additional presentation materials will be added as the are received.

 Cecile Carlton  Standards for Mathematical Practices
 Susan Deese 
 Suzy Gagnon  
 Teaching and Learning Mathematics: A School Based Course Opportunity                                               UNH Learning Through Teaching
 John Donovan  Thinking about thinking, what thinking do problem-solving tasks require? Tasks and a Framework (3-5)
 Diane Houle  Help every student become college and career ready in math
 Accelerated Math for Intervention     Practice is Key to Improving Math Achievement
 Targeted practice helps teachers boost student math growth
 Learning Progression Built for the Common Core
 Christine Latulippe  Practicing the Practices: No Luck Required (6 - 8, General) Presentation PDF
 Blooms Revised Taxonomy 
 Kansas Questions for SMP
 Standards for Mathematical Practice
 Samuel List
 Osama Taani
 Using Visual Representations to Meet the Standards for Mathematical Practice (6 - 12)
 Claire Mead  Mathlanding: Supporting Mathematical Practices with Quality Internet Resources (Pre K - 5) 
 Mathlanding Handout
  Terri Magnus  Transformation of Euclid? Geometry in Light of the CCSSM Standards  (6 - 12+)
 Transformation of Euclid Magnus
 Mystery Transformation 1
 Mystery Transformation 2
 Mystery Transformation 3
 Paper Versions of Geogebra Activity
 Elizabeth Reith  Number Bases - What's Your Base
 Printout for Workshop Bases
 Base Number Puzzle
 Match the Base Game
 Base Games Directions
 Mary Shannon  Teaching Meaningful Mathematics with Power Solids
 Sara Stetson  Your Brain on Math Making Sense of Number Sense
 Steve Yurek  The Harmonic Mean: Overlooked, Undervalued, yet Way Cool
 15 Questions
 Sakthi Vel, Shirl Ellison,        Kamatchi Vel 
 Numbers Bee: Improving Fluency with Numbers and Operations


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